Admission requirements for interns

There are different requirements for interns with the Dutch nationality and interns with another nationality.

Dutch nationality

The National Admission and Deportation Ordinance (LTU) requires that you must have a government-granted temporary residence as a Dutch intern in Curaçao. Therefore, you must apply for a “Verklaring van Rechtswege” with the Toelatingsorganisatie (Admissions Organization) in Curaçao. All information can be found on: Verklaring van Rechtswege

To apply for your temporary residence permit, you will need the following:

  • Copy of a valid passport.
  • Copy of an extract from the Personal Records Database (not older than 6 months).
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (not older than 3 months).
  • Click here for the application form.
  • Placement-agreement. This also serves as proof of sufficient resources.
  • Confirmation from the educational institution that the internship is a requirement for the training or study program.
  • Application form “Verklaring van Rechtswege”. Click here for the application form. You can submit this to the Toelatingsorganisatie (Admissions Organization) in Curaçao.
  • The cost of the application for a (temporary) residence permit as of 1-10-2015 is Naf 525.
  • All applications must be personally submitted or by a duly authorized person.

Non-Dutch nationality

Interns who do not possess the Dutch nationality must apply for a work permit for the duration of the placement agreement. You can qualify if you are attending a training in your home country and you would like an internship in Curaçao which is a requirement for your training or study program. You should await the outcome of your application in your home country before you can be admitted to Curaçao. A requirement for the issuance of the work permit amongst others is that the internship does not last longer than one year and is required to complete the training.

If you are staying illegally in Curaçao, your application may be rejected on the grounds of Article 9 of the National Admission and Deportation Ordinance (LTU). For a detailed explanation, see the Landsverordening Toelating en Uitzending (LTU).

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