Residence Permit

If you want to work or take part in an internship in Curaçao, you need a “Verklaring van Rechtswege” (Residence Permit). You can find out how to apply here.

All communications with regard to an application and the “Verklaring van Rechtswege” are to be directed to:

Toelatingsorganisatie TO (Admissions Organization)

Tauber Building
Prinsestraat 90, Punda
Willemstad, Curaçao
Telephone: (+5999) 733 2000

The application must be made using an Application form Verklaring van Rechtswege.

All applications must be submitted in person or by an authorized representative. The application process is done by appointment. The Toelatingsorganisatie (Admissions Organization) will only handle your application and render their decision if the amounts due for fees and charges have been paid. For the price list for the submission of an application, click here.

Therefore, the FIRST thing to do is to make an appointment with the Toelatingsorganisatie (Admissions Organization) in order to receive payment instructions.

Required documents for the application for a “Verklaring van Rechtswege”

  • Copy of a valid passport for every family member.
  • Copy of the birth certificate of every family member (not older than 6 months).
  • Certificate of Good Conduct for every family member above the age of 18 (not older than 3 months).
  • If you are married, a copy of your marriage certificate (not older than 6 months).
  • If you are cohabitating:
    • A copy of the notarial cohabitation agreement that has been concluded in the Netherlands.
    • For both partners: proof of your marital state (single/divorced/widow[er]).
  • If you have children: an application/enrollment for school.
  • If one of the parents of one of the children cannot accompany you to Curaçao:
    • Copy of passport of the parent staying behind; or
    • Consent form from the parent staying behind; or a copy of the custody award given by the Court.
  • Proof of sufficient resources:
    • Fully completed statement by employer and a copy of his/her passport.
    • Proof of sufficient resources for subsistence (see standard amounts below)*.
  • If the application is submitted by a third party: an authorization by the applicant.

Family reunification

Family unification is only permitted within 1 year of admission of the principal applicant.

Legalization of birth- and marriage certificate

Are you a Dutch person born or married in another country? The birth or marriage certificate must be legalized by the Dutch embassy in the country of birth or marriage. When countries are parties to the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, the birth or marriage certificate must bear an apostille stamp. For further information about legalization click here.

*Standard amounts sufficient resources

Single:                                                                    NAF 1,500.00 gross per month.

Spouse (if applicable):                                           NAF 1,500.00 gross per month.

For admission of children (either born before or from a previous marriage) the following standard amounts need to be substantiated:

0-6 years:                                                                NAF 250.00 per child.

6-12 years:                                                              NAF 350.00 per child.

12 years and older:                                                 NAF 500.00 per child.

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