Driving license

Do you have a Curaçao driving license and do you need assistance with this document? We can help in the following circumstances:

You have a valid Curaçao driving license and you are going to live in the Netherlands.

Exchange your current valid driving license as soon as possible for a valid Dutch driving license. You can do this in the municipality where you are registered. Your Curaçao driving license is valid in the Netherlands for 185 days after your registration with a Dutch municipality. For further information see www.rijbewijs.nl and www.rdw.nl.

You have a valid Curaçao driving license, you lost it (lost or stolen) and you are in Curaçao at the moment.

You can apply for a duplicate driving license with the Bureau Examen en Afgifte Rijbewijzen (Office Examinations and Issuance Driving Licenses) in Curaçao. 

You have a valid Curaçao driving license, you lost it (lost or stolen) and you are currently residing in the Netherlands.

Together with the following document you can apply to the AJZ Department of the Curaçao House:

  • A report drawn up by the police.
  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • A written request to the Curaçao House for assistance. You will have to authorize a contact in Curaçao who will be able to receive the duplicate in your name. In the written request you include contact information, family name, full forenames, address and telephone number of your contact.

Your contact will have to pay the costs (about ANG 95.00) on the spot in Curaçao. He or she must of course be able to identify themselves.

You have a driving license that was issued in Curaçao and this driving license has expired

A Curaçao driving license can be renewed within one year after the expiry date. It is not possible to renew your driving license through the Curaçao House. All requests for renewal must take place in Curaçao. If your driving license expired more than one year ago, you can only renew your driving license after taking a driving test on Curaçao within three years after the expiry date. To qualify for the driving test you need:

  • The expired diving license.
  • In case of loss/theft the report issued by the police.
  • A valid passport.
  • A medical certificate (valid for up to 2 months after signature). An unsigned statement can be obtained from the Belastingkantoor (Tax Office) on Regentesselaan in Curaçao. You can then have this statement signed by a doctor. There are costs involved with obtaining the statement and signing by a doctor.
  • The total cost of a driving license amounts to approximately ANG 95.00.
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