Health Insurance

On 1 February 2013, the basic health insurance went into effect for all residents of Curaçao. The basic health insurance, laid down in the National Basic Health Insurance Ordinance, provides a uniform insurance for the persons covered. The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) (Social Insurance Bank) is the implementing body of the National Basic Health Insurance Ordinance.

Health Insurance SVB

The Sociale Verzekeringsbank is the authority for social security in Curaçao. The SVB has an executive function and executes payments of benefits for amongst others, Basic Health Insurance (BVZ), State Pension Insurance, Widows and Orphans Act, Disability Insurance, Accident (work-related) and Unemployment.

Anyone who is registered in Curaçao with the Civil Registry is entitled to health insurance through the Sociale Verzekeringsbank; the Basic Health Insurance. Premium for the Basic Health Insurance is paid through the income tax. Both the employer and the employee pays a part. For further information visit

Private health insurance 

Despite the social system in place in Curaçao, many people feel the need to take out additional insurance or something similar with private insurance. Curaçao has several health care insurers that can provide private health insurance.

An international health insurance is also an option if you want to be insured from the moment you leave the Netherlands and you want to have matters like repatriation, treatments and childbirth insured in the Netherlands. Often you can assemble your own package, determine your own deductible and expand your health care package, for example, with a liability- , accident- and/or travel insurance. Please contact your health care insurer.

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