The legalization of a document confirms that a document has been issued by a person authorized to do so (for example, an accredited foreign institution). Legalization ensures that the signature on the document actually comes from that person. A document that is signed by various authorities must have these different signatures notarized. After going through this "legalization chain" you can use the document in the Netherlands.

Within the Kingdom: no legalization

Within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the requirement of legalization does not apply. Documents from Curaçao required for use in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the Kingdom do not need to be legalized.

Do you need legalization?

In that case we must avail of the original documents and we require a payment from you. The cost of legalization amounts to € 24.95 per document.

First remit € 24.95 per legalization to the bank account of the Curaçao House. For a transfer (from abroad), you need the following information:
IBAN: NL46ABNA0529375486
In the name of: de Gevolmachtigde Minister van Curaçao te Den Haag.
State your full name with your remittance.

You can subsequently forward the proof of payment and the original documents by mail to:
Afdeling Algemene & Juridische Zaken (Department of General & Legal Affairs) of the Curaçao House
Prinsegracht 63 – 65
2512 EX The Hague
If you prefer to come in person, please make an appointment via digital agenda.

For questions you can contact the AJZ Department during office hours: 070-306 6111.

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