If you want to bring pets with you to Curaçao the following import requirements must be met:

  • Dogs and cats must be provided with a valid health certificate which is not older than two weeks. A licensed veterinarian must fill out a declaration in the EU-pet passport. The dog or cat must also be fitted with a chip.
  • Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. The rabies vaccination may not be older than one year prior to departure and must be administered at least 1 month before your departure. Rabies vaccinations indicating a validity of 3 years according to the manufacturer (specify brand name, manufacturer and date of administering in your EU-pet passport) can also be administered.
  • Dogs and cats must be free from both internal and external parasites (especially ticks). Between 24 and 48 hours prior to departure they should be treated with a registered veterinary medicine and insecticides. The name of the product and the date of administering  must be recorded in the pet passport.
  • It is advisable for cats to also get a vaccination against Feline Leukemia.

Does your pet belong to an endangered species?

In that case besides an EU-pet passport you must also have a CITES document for your pet. Please note that on Curaçao it is not allowed to bring banned pit bull type dogs with you. Animals should not be imported via Central and South America. Dogs, cats and monkeys from South and Central America, excluding Suriname, may not be imported nor transshipped and are immediately sent back on the same flight or sent on with the same vessel they arrived in.