The Netherlands previously had a financial arrangement for people from Curaçao who wanted to return voluntarily to their homeland. The repatriation aid (popularly called the “oprotpremie”) was a benefit designed amongst others to facilitate repatriation to Curaçao. In the meantime, the Dutch government has stopped paying a financial contribution to Curacaos wanting to remigrate.

The Netherlands applies the Remigration Act but according to this law Curacaos do not qualify for a remigration benefit.

The Repatriation Act and related benefits only apply to nationals of the so-called "target countries", recognized refugees and asylum claimants. The Curaçao House only assists with information about remigration. On this website you will find information on various subjects relating to remigration. Also, our staff is on hand to answer any questions.

The government of Curaçao, to which the Curaçao House belongs, provides no financial support or contribution with remigration.

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